Accents: American, RP, Russian, French

Vocals: Soprano, Classic Voice, Vocal Training , Phonation, Voice Over Actress

Music: Piano

Dance: Ballett, Classic, Hip Hop, Modern, Pole Dance

Drivers: B

Sports: Martial Arts (Kickboxing, Taekwondo), Wakeboard/ Snowboard, Competitive Shooting, Surfing, Stunt Training


Language: English, German, French (basic), Portuguese (basics)

Height: 5“9/ 175cm

Hair: Blond

Eyes: Blue


2017 – David Penn, The Naked Face (London)

2016 – ongoing: Accent Training, Shea Hall (London)
2016 – Accent Training, Jessica Higgs (London)
Accent Training, Robyn Sara Scott (SA)

2015 – Acting Technique,  Bonni Rodini (CapeTown)

2014 – ONGOING  Accent Training, Rachel Wood, Robyn Scott, Jessica Higgs

2013 – ONGOING The Actor’s Guild, (a.o) Carol Dudley, Tobi Guidry, Emma Stafford

2012 – Alexander Technique, Annedore Kleist & Felix Hennevogl (Berlin)

2012 –Actors Space, Wolfgang Wimmer (Berlin)

2012 – Larry Moss , Scene Study Masterclass (Berlin/ LA)

2011 – ITA Productions, (a.o) K.Foster-McCollum, M.Nicolo, (Los Angeles)

2010 –Independent Filmlounge Berlin, E.Harewood & A. Allred (London)

2009 – Stage School,  BFA (Full ScholarShip) (Hamburg)

2009 – Ernst Busch- Vocal &Acting Training, T. Koenig (Berlin)

2007 – 2009 – SUNY Performing Art Center, BA Program  (New York)

2007 – 2008– New York Film Academy, One Year Conservatory (New York)

2005-2007 – School of Music – B. Stanko, Vocal & Voice Training



Role: Lead
Directed by: Dewald Brand, GCK, Cape Town


Title: Forcing Functions
Role: Jenny
Directed by: Adam Janisch


Title: Kokowääh 2
Role: Nadya
Directed by: Til Schweiger; Barefoot Films, Berlin

Title: Im Weißen Rössl
Role: Nikki
Directed by: Christian Theede, Ziegler Film, Berlin/ Austria

Title: Code Unknown
Role: Liora (M.Haneke Adaption)
Directed by: Lopta Films Berlin


Title: The Guardian (Schutzengel)
Role: Silvie (Nurse)
Directed by: Til Schweiger, Barefoot Films, Berlin

Title: Last Motion
Role: Lazare
Directed by: Chalem & Chamis – Russian Roulette, Budapest

Title: Twins
Role: Giselle
Directed by: B.Tholen, Berlin

Title: Smile Later
Role: Tweezy
Directed by: Valdemar Media (Los Angeles)


Title: Kokowääh
Directed by:Til Schweiger, Barefoot Films, Berlin Television

Title: Süßer Wein
Role: Lead
Directed by: Marco Pultke; Wildscreen Entertainment, Berlin

Title: The Lancastrian
Role: Jean
Directed by: P. Chalem; Russian Roulette Berlin/ Paris (Official Selection Cannes 2012, Short Film Corner)


Title: The Mosquitoes: Unbearable Longing for Eternal Love
Role: Claudine
Directed by: Daniel Möhler, Filmarche Berlin


Title: Upside Down
Role: Branda Holloway
Directed by: E. Harewood; Independent Filmlounge Berlin

Title: Auf Den Zweiten Blick
Role: Lead
Directed by: A.Mini; DFFB, Berlin

Title: The Catch
Role: Betty
Directed by: J.Gessler/Christoph Wahl; Lookzoom Filmproduktion Berlin


2017 – 2018

Title: “Tiere bis unters Dach” (Family Series)
Ongoing Role: Petra Kraemer
Directed by: various, ARD/ Nickelodeon, Freiburg


Title: “Letzte Spur Berlin” (Crime- Series)
Role: Laura Meyerhoff
Directed by: Florian Kern, ZDF, Berlin


Title: Soko Wismar (TV Crime Series)
Role: Star Guest: Janina Traber
Directed by: Steffi Doehlemann, ZDF, Wismar | Berlin


Title: Sibel & Max (TV Crime Series)
Role: Star Guest: Lara Steffens
Directed by: Daniel Drechsel – Grau; ZDF

Title: Kripo Holstein (TV Crime Series)
Role: Star Guest: Theresa
Directed by: Felix Herzogenrath – ZDF,  Hamburg

Title: In aller Freundschaft (TV Series)
Role: Star Guest: Isabel Klein
Directed by: Frank Gotthardy, ARD,  Leipzig


Title: Stubbe (TV Crime Series)
Role: Star Guest: Maria
Directed by: Peter Kahane; ZDF, Hamburg

Title: Shetland
Role: Gret
Directed by: John McKay, BBC, Shetland Island, UK


Title: Anna und die Liebe (TV Series)
Role: Jana Bergmann
Directed by: Lars Morgenrot; SAT.1,  Berlin/Potsdam


Title: Das Haus Anubis (TV Series)
Role: Miss Germany
Directed by: Jarkos Damen; NICKELODEON, Belgium