Boss or Bitch

ambitious without inhibition

“A strong leader that tactfully achieves her goals,
even it fit means using tactless means.“

Free Spirit & Lunatic

a dash of crazy

“There is a fine line between inspiring free spirit and a down right lunatic.
It’s really just perception...right...right...?“

Nurturer and Parasite

need a friend?

“Care taking and nurturing, I’m here to listen and help nurse you back to strength.
You get the best out of yourself when I’m around, even if your best is to do harm.
If we’re friends, I help no matter what your aim is...“

The Seductress

warning - do NOT read on!

“Still reading? I like you already.
If you look to trust the distrustful or are foolishly manipulated and charmed, let’s talk...“

Spunk Crusader

looking for a good fight or someone who’s happy to fight for ya?

“Don’t sweat it, if you need someone to get beat up alongside you or to fall down on the moral sword for the greater good... This happy warrior is easily persuaded.

Waif & Librarian

don’t judge a book by it’s cover

“Ability to endure is often revealed when put to the test. Although controlled and clever, prim and proper- you’ll witness repressed passions come to life.
So go ahead and judge a book by it’s cover



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